Sweets - Chocolate

Sweets - Chocolate
Nestle Lion
Caramel filled wafer and crispy cereal, covered in milk chocolate.
Nestle Milkybar
Great tasting childhood favourite, Nestle white chocolate in a thin bar.
Nestle Smarties
A roll of smarties, Nestle milk chocolate in a crisp sugar shell.
Nestle smarties mega tube
170g - A super mega large tube of Smarties perfect for stockings.
Nestle Toffee Crisp
A toffee & crisp cereal filled milk chocolate bar.
Nestle Yorkie
Chunky Nestle milk chocolate bar, made famous by the advertising slogan "It's Not For Girls"
Nestle Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit
Chunky Nestle milk chocolate bar with raisin and biscuit pieces.
Terrys Chocolate Orange Bar
The famous Terrys Milk Chocolate Orange, in a bar.
Milk chocolate covered hazelnuts, soft nougat & smooth caramel centre.
Tunnocks Caramel Wafers
4 pack - A scottish favourite, layers of caramel and wafers covered in chocolate.