Sweets - Chocolate

Sweets - Chocolate
Bounty Milk
Coconut covered in milk chocolate.
Bounty Plain (dark)
Coconut covered in plain (dark) chocolate.
Cadbury Buttons Milk Chocolate
Little round buttons of cadburys famous milk chocolate.
Cadbury Crunchie
Milk chocolate with a golden honeycombed centre.
Cadbury Curly Wurly
Milk chocolate with caramel centre.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar 200g
200g of simple, delicious Cadburys dairy milk chocolate
Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel
Individual bar of Cadburys milk chocolate with a soft caramel centre.
Cadbury Double Decker
Cadbury Milk Chocolate filled with a smooth chewy nougat and crisp crunchy cereal.
Cadbury Flake
The crumbliest flakiest cadbury milk chocolate.
Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bar 200g
200g of pure heavenly Cadbury's chocolate with fruit and nut. Large bar.
Cadbury Milk Tray
360g - A box of chocolates with assorted centres.
Cadbury Picnic
Ccrunchy chewy fruit & peanuts covered  in amazing Cadbury chocolate.