Sauces and Mixes

Sauces and Mixes
Colman's Bread Sauce
40g - Just add milk to make bread sauce, the perfect complement to roast turkey or chicken.
Colman's Horseradish Sauce
136g / 4.79oz - Made with freshly milled horseradish. English horseradish is milder than American - give it a try!
Colman's Mint Sauce
165g / 5oz - Made with British-grown mint, lamb just doesn't taste the same without it.
Colman's Mustard Powder
113g / 4oz - Colman's Original English Mustard Powder. Just add water and let it sit to make your own...
Colman's Sausage Casserole
50g / 1.8oz - Just add to water with sausages, onions and peppers for a tasty sausage casserole. Suitable for...
Colman's Shepherd's Pie Mix
50g / 1.8oz - Cook with mince, onions and vegetables, top with mashed potato for a family favorite. Suitable for...
Colmans Mustard
100g - A jar of Colmans Original English Mustard, for when nothing else is quite hot enough.
Daddies Sauce
400g - Daddies Favorite Brown Sauce in a squeezy bottle.
Heinz Salad Cream Squeezy Bottle
425g / 15 oz - "Pourable sunshine!", the original salad dressing in a squeezy bottle.
HP Fruity Sauce
255g / 8.9oz - Great brown sauce taste with a fruity kick.
HP Sauce Squeezy Bottle
425g / 15 oz - The most popular brown sauce, great with chips or a full English breakfast. All in...
Mrs.H.S Ball's Chutney
470g / 16.6oz - A South African staple that's famous across the world, Mrs. H. S. Ball's has been making their...