Christmas Goodies 2016

Christmas Goodies 2016
Cadbury Roses Tub
753g of Cadbury Roses in a reusable tub.
Matthew Walker Luxury Christmas Pudding 907g
907g/1.99 lb  Matthew Walkers Luxury Christmas Pudding will not disappoint with sultanas, cider, rum, brandy glace cherries and almonds.  serves about...
Maynards Wine Gums Carton
460g carton of classic Maynards Wine Gums, a favorite fruit flavored gum sweet.
Nestle smarties mega tube
170g - A super mega large tube of Smarties perfect for stockings.
Pudding Lane 12 Union Jack Christmas Crackers
Twelve Christmas Crackers from Pudding Lane Food Company. These crackers have a red, blue and white Union Jack design, and...
Robertsons Minced Meat
411g/14.2oz Quality mince meat for use in mince pies, tarts etc.