Canned, Packet Veg & Meat

Canned, Packet Veg & Meat
Batchelors Marrowfat Processed Peas
300g/10.6 oz Marrowfat Processed peas
Batchelors Mushy Peas
300g - Great british favourite, a must with your fish & chip
Batchelors Quick Soak Dried Peas
250g/8.8oz Dried peas in a packet, only 2 hour soak.
Heinz Baked Beans
415g/14.5oz Our number one bestseller. Baked beans in a rich tomato sauce.
Heinz Curried Beans
390g - The classic heinz baked beans with a curry twist.
Heinz Spaghetti
400g/14.1oz - spaghetti in a tomato sauce in a can
Pot Noodle Bombay Bad Boy
An Indian inspired pot noodle with indian spices, very hot.
Stahly Scottish Haggis
425g/15oz Traditional skinless haggis in a can made here in the USA by a Scottish company.
Stahly Vegetarian Haggis
Vegetarian skinless haggis made with the finest ingredients, it is a blend of oatmeal, mixed vegetables and spices.