Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps
Try one of the most popular and best-selling crisp flavour!
Walkers Treacle Toffee
100g/3.5oz - Small slab of hard treacle toffee.
Walkers Treacle Toffee Bag
150g Bag of Walkers individually wrapped treacle toffees.
Walnut Whip
An individulaI Walnut whip, a chocolate cone is filled with  vanilla-flavoured, soft fondant cream.  Topped with half a walnut, perfection.
 12 piece  box. The whole grain cereal - can you eat 3?
White Coconut Creme
White tea blended with coconut, safflowers and cornflowers. A sweet creamy texture with a light body, and all the goodness...
White Guava Ginger
White peony tea blended with the "superfruit" guava. This tea has a pleasant rich scent with an exotic and tropical...
White Orange Peach Ginger Loose
A white tea blended with orange peel, peach, marigolds and with a kick of ginger root. Approximately 1oz.
Winnie The Pooh's Raincloud Loose Tea
Approx 1oz.  White tea with pomegranate, hibiscus, vanilla , cocao & rosehips. This medley of flavours with honey and cocao...
Winstons Irish Sausages
12oz - Winstons Irish Sausage co. was founded in 1960 by the Winston family, pork sausages made the Irish way...